In my family – and probably a lot of other Polynesian families – Cup Tea is a special (mini) meal, usually dessert-ish in nature, that comes after dinner and before bedtime.

It’s special because we don’t always have it. Cup Tea is reserved for when guests are over, or for those rare evenings when my whole family is home and we’ve managed to engage each other in lively conversation about… everything.

Occasionally the topic for the evening can get necessarily dark – when we have pressing issues to resolve, or when we have to make funeral plans. It’s at these times that gathering together over a comforting hot beverage and specially made treats becomes an exercise in solidarity… an expression of our support for each other, no matter how difficult things might be.

It’s that sense of togetherness that I hope this blog emulates as we explore the complex topic of wellness.

I read somewhere that a person actively (desperately?) seeking healing is someone who is in pain. That, quite literally, is me on many days – physically, spiritually and emotionally – but I know I’m not alone. 

As I continue my hopeful trek towards wellness, I’ve decided to share my research and experiences here, in case it can save someone else a couple of steps. 

My name is Lillian Arp. 

Welcome to CupTea.