Making Pictures

Adventures in Editing

Or… that moment you stop hating something because you start understanding it.

I guess it wasn’t so much ‘hate’ as, ‘Ughhh… so many controls to figure out.’ That’s been my attitude towards Lightroom since I first checked it out a year or so ago.

It only began making sense to me when our chapel’s florescent lights killed the tone of my Relief Society Birthday photos.

I couldn’t bring myself to share those images with the sisters without fixing that first. So I learned how to use Lightroom – just enough to correct most of the color aberrations.

In the process, I discovered blacks, whites, contrast, hue, saturation, grain, vignettes… all these other wondrous effects that I used to balk at when I thought only amateur photographers edited their images.

Yes, I had that kind of attitude, too…

…probably because I was still using a film camera well into the digital age. And because sometimes, a mind (especially a getting-old mind) is just so unforgiving.

By the way, how did we survive before YouTube showed us how to do everything?

Also by the way, how beautiful were these decorations at our ward’s Relief Society Birthday party?