Easy Win Double Chocolate Brownies

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These are ‘Easy Win’ because they’re so easy to make, and they’re a bunch of crowd pleasers, I tell ya. They’re guaranteed to win you new friends… and maybe a few willpower-tired, diet-conscious enemies, too. (I’m sorry.) It’s all about moderation, though, right? That’s what I hear, anyway – I’m more of an ‘in-excess’ kinda […]

Playing with light

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It’s a whole new year! What have I been up to? Moving back into our newly renovated house Delving into the hyper-productivity world of bullet and minimal-istic journaling Writing pictures. Recording stories. Capturing memories Cooking and baking and green smoothie making Planting my first ever (all by myself) edible garden Jasmine hot and iced tea […]


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Our house is under construction again… its first refurbishing in probably 30 years. It was definitely in need of some TLC.  We had to pack up and vacate the house for the few weeks of renovation. Digging up and culling a decades’ worth of clutter was huge, sometimes painful, but eventually therapeutic work. My mom […]

Idle snaps

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Hung out near a dairy today. Just chillin’… out in the Auckland cold… because. So much is going on in my world these days, it was nice to just take my camera out for a quiet, pensive stroll, with a good shutterbug friend I can always talk ‘snaps’ with. The other thing bringing peace to […]

Weekend (food) photographer

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I’m only here today to shamelessly flaunt some of my favourite images from the last couple weeks. It’s like the best thing about creating content for Manaui – I get to pretend to be an actual photographer. It’s all been so very… educational for me: capturing motion, playing with light, composing with color, making yummy […]

The Light Fantastic

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What do you call the daughters of your cousins? More cousins? Nieces? Well, two of mine agreed to be my muses on my latest lens adventure. We had a few errands to run first, so we didn’t get to the photography part until the sun was a bit overbearing, which helped to tire us all […]

Wandering Totara

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I learned this week: what really makes the image is light. AND… I’m gonna have to get a lot fitter to be a real photographer. Our stake’s Mormon Helping Hands joined forces with Friends of Totara last weekend to do lots of mulching and digging and spreading and clearing and cleaning at the park. I […]

Adventures in Editing

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Or… that moment you stop hating something because you start understanding it. I guess it wasn’t so much ‘hate’ as, ‘Ughhh… so many controls to figure out.’ That’s been my attitude towards Lightroom since I first checked it out a year or so ago. It only began making sense to me when our chapel’s florescent […]

The last thing I baked was panipopo

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That was a couple months ago, now. I documented that adventure, even, in my last Manaui post. To kick start our 2018 content run for Manaui, our team challenged each other to write one post each. The topic chosen for me was about the Samoan panipopo. Crazy coincidence – that just happens to be one […]