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Our house is under construction again… its first refurbishing in probably 30 years. It was definitely in need of some TLC.  We had to pack up and vacate the house for the few weeks of renovation. Digging up and culling a decades’ worth of clutter was huge, sometimes painful, but eventually therapeutic work. My mom […]

The last thing I baked was panipopo

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That was a couple months ago, now. I documented that adventure, even, in my last Manaui post. To kick start our 2018 content run for Manaui, our team challenged each other to write one post each. The topic chosen for me was about the Samoan panipopo. Crazy coincidence – that just happens to be one […]


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I’ve been reacquainting myself with my camera. This time, I’m teaching myself how to do this photography thing, like, for reals. Thanks to the incredibly informative World Wide Web, I now have a pretty good understanding of F-stop and shutter speed, and even ISO. But while these technical skills are the tools of the art […]

She, the Storm and the Sunshine

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When she was young she collected rocks – oddly shaped, interestingly-hued stones, mostly from the many tropical beaches we knew, and a few from the chilly riverbeds we visited in New Zealand. I’d smile at the congruity of her hobby. That she with the iron will, the unrelenting stubbornness and the coconut head would choose […]

My Camera

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I lost my camera. It happened maybe two years ago, around the time my house was broken into… twice, even, in less than 3 months (bloody South Auckland street kids). The thing is, I didn’t even notice it was gone until a few weeks later. Or maybe I did notice, but that memory was filed […]