Comfort Food

Easy Win Double Chocolate Brownies

These are ‘Easy Win’ because they’re so easy to make, and they’re a bunch of crowd pleasers, I tell ya. They’re guaranteed to win you new friends… and maybe a few willpower-tired, diet-conscious enemies, too. (I’m sorry.)

It’s all about moderation, though, right? That’s what I hear, anyway – I’m more of an ‘in-excess’ kinda girl. Sad story.

Mmmmmm… brownies.

Cut them into perfect rectangles for your guests… and save the best parts (the corners/edges) for yourself.

So I found this recipe online, years ago, after a bit of a search. We’d lived in New Zealand for a while by then, and I’d started missing what I remembered as ‘American’ brownies… the kind that the American missionary ladies made for church back in the islands.

The brownies I’d tasted in NZ, while also great, were not as rich or chewy, and they were almost always sprinkled with icing sugar, whereas the American brownies had this almost flaky crust.

It was so nostalgically fun to find and master this beautiful brownie recipe. I’ve literally made hundreds of batches since – I know because I actually sold these brownies (along with other treats) from home for a while, and they were a hit!

Who eats a brownie like this? Me.

As every cook does, I’ve tweaked the original recipe to suit my taste buds (I like rich more than sweet) and now this brownie recipe is ready to be the first submission to my binder of me-approved, no-fail, go-to eats. (I’ll tell you more about that binder later, lol.)


Adapted from a recipe by Scoochamaroo at Instructables.

This girl can handle a close up