Making Pictures

Idle snaps

Hung out near a dairy today. Just chillin’… out in the Auckland cold… because.

So much is going on in my world these days, it was nice to just take my camera out for a quiet, pensive stroll, with a good shutterbug friend I can always talk ‘snaps’ with.

The other thing bringing peace to my mind these days is… order. I cleaned out and organized a set of drawers the other day and now just looking at it makes me happy. It’s like the one bit of sanity in my bedroom right now.

But I’m working on the rest of it.

One step at a time.

Not to say that I don’t also enjoy my chaos. My side hustles – to make a little cash while I continue building the big dream – are proving to be a lot of fun.

Anyone need a piano teacher or an academic tutor?

On top of that, I’ve started work on a new project that grew organically out of (and will help to develop) the big project. I’ll make the official announcements about that in a few weeks – I can’t wait.

In the meantime… saw this through a restaurant window.