Making Pictures

Playing with light

It’s a whole new year! What have I been up to?

  • Moving back into our newly renovated house
  • Delving into the hyper-productivity world of bullet and minimal-istic journaling
  • Writing pictures. Recording stories. Capturing memories
  • Cooking and baking and green smoothie making
  • Planting my first ever (all by myself) edible garden
  • Jasmine hot and iced tea sipping
  • Main and side hustling. Hard.
  • Learning images and playing with light

These days, I’m most excited about acquiring my first ever grown up lens – a 100mm macro f2.8, even. I also got myself a proper tripod with a boom arm, even. A few more sessions with the new equipment and I should be well on my way to… well, making prettier pictures.

So far, I’m loving the sharper images, the bokeh backgrounds, the smoother focusing… but the more I snap those photos, the more I’m learning that the camera is only a tool. It can’t make art.

That’s my job.

Grateful for my usually reluctant practice models

So I am in active photography study mode – as active as I can be, with everything else going on in my world. That’s why it’s 3am and I’m editing photos and scribbling notes while watching YouTube image-maker gurus, especially my current favourite.

And I’m playing with light.


Today I made my mother sit for ages in various poses while I opened and closed curtains, zoomed and focused, adjusted and readjusted stuff. After I finally got the technical bits just about sorted, I still felt like I needed to find a story in all these images.

My favourite shot happened when I asked my mom to think about someone she misses right now.

Who are you missing right now?

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this.