My Stories

Swinging jewels, stringing gemstones and black gold is officially live now, yay! …along with the mad rush that is the publishing industry. “Content, content, content!” is my new, fabulous life. Next on the agenda is to figure out how to get paid for it.

Whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day.

Right now, it’s all about telling great stories and trying to take better pictures today than I did yesterday.

We visited my cousin’s mother-in-law the other day, because I love those shiny Tongan lolly leis and I wanted to learn how to make them. We found a shimmering, jeweled…thing… hanging from one of the trees in her garden, which amused me and my lens for half an hour.

(It doesn’t take much…)

Later, we watched Viola and her daughter braid candy “gemstones” into a regal-looking garland designed for the adorning of newlyweds and graduates.

I got back into the kitchen the week after to make alaisa fa’apopo, which you can’t reeeaaally have without┬ákoko Samoa, which we just happen to have – straight from Samoa – squirreled away in our freezer.

Mmmmmmm… beautiful koko Samoa, sweetened and piping hot (big, ugly teapot optional, but recommended).

We dubbed it, “Black Gold from Samoa”…

…and then last night we indulged.

Swinging jewels, stringing gemstones and black gold?

I feel rich already.