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The Light Fantastic

What do you call the daughters of your cousins? More cousins? Nieces?

Well, two of mine agreed to be my muses on my latest lens adventure.

We had a few errands to run first, so we didn’t get to the photography part until the sun was a bit overbearing, which helped to tire us all out –

‘Are we done yet? Oh my gosh, it’s so hot!!’

…so we didn’t bother waiting for more favourable light conditions.

It was still fun hanging out with the girls… almost as fun as editing the images.

I know, right? I’m getting a bit addicted to Lightroom.

Check out what I managed to do with this shot:

The masking is kinda messy, I know – I’ll fix it later. I just love what I’m learning how to do with images. It’s my latest geeky obsession.

I also love that I got to capture snapshots of the girls at a time of their lives that they’re going to outgrow in mere moments.

Next year they’ll both be teenagers! And they’ll both be in high school and who knows what all that will do to their personalities, their view of the world and their relationship with each other.

It’s sobering to think that one day, a bunch of photographs might be the only tangible evidence that these beautiful young ladies were once fun-loving, innocent girls.

2 thoughts on “The Light Fantastic

  1. I absolutely love these ! Reminds me of Me and Maroussia 😍 Your pics turned out amazing !

    1. Hi Nisha 🙂 Awww I’d love to get you and Maroussia in front of my camera again!

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