Making Pictures

Weekend (food) photographer

I’m only here today to shamelessly flaunt some of my favourite images from the last couple weeks. It’s like the best thing about creating content for Manaui – I get to pretend to be an actual photographer.

It’s all been so very… educational for me: capturing motion, playing with light, composing with color, making yummy food look even more delectable.

This photo is by Tiare Rairoa.

Last week Koni made her beautiful version of the Cook Islands’ famous pink potato salad (which we’re calling ‘mainese’, because that was the majority vote).

Adding to the fun was Koni’s 17-year-old daughter stepping behind the camera for a while. She’s an actual photographer in the making – a real, raw talent.

It was her first time helping with content for Manaui – her first of many, I’m sure. We’ve already given her her own story to work on. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Can you see the grated egg falling onto the salad?

Of course, the next best thing about photographing food is getting to eat it.

This mainese was soooo rich and creamy (a gorgeous, made-from-scratch, egg yolk dressing did that)… it was a carb-lover’s (guilty pleasure) dream.

Speaking of dirty carbs…

I finally learned how to make alaisa fa’apopo. Do you know it’s just steamy hot rice mashed up with coconut cream and salt? Just…mashed rice. Lol.

So easy, but so mmmmm.