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I’ve been reacquainting myself with my camera.

This time, I’m teaching myself how to do this photography thing, like, for reals. Thanks to the incredibly informative World Wide Web, I now have a pretty good understanding of F-stop and shutter speed, and even ISO. But while these technical skills are the tools of the art form, I have so much work to do to master the actual art.

Back in high school I used to paint. I was never amazing at it, but I got some recognition from people at school, mostly for my abstract work. So many years later, I realized I never fully developed my painting skills because art is actually really hard.

I can draw, sure, but creating a work of art requires thinking, planning, feeling, practice, surrender and sacrifice. I wasn’t prepared back then to give so much of myself to painting.

I feel like I’m finally ready now for that kind of creative commitment.

In other news, I miss Wellington.